Why do we need a business directory of Sustainable Issue Solving Companies?

SustainaSeed’s first product was a crowdfunding platform dedicated to the SDGs. Furthermore, we listened to our users’ problems and released SDGs Jobs. While operating the beta versions of both products, we met many companies with great products and services that solve sustainable issues, including those from overseas. We found that crowdfunding, a B to B to C type of business, needed to be more suitable for many companies, mainly including B to B businesses. We decided to develop another platform that provides comprehensive services to increase sustainable awareness.

Stock market restructuring in Japan and the resulting changes in corporate responsibility

In April 2022, JPX modified the stock exchange market, making it mandatory for prime listed companies to present a sustainability report. This significant change has led to an increased focus on sustainability initiatives by each company.
The issues addressed cover many areas, including climate change, supply chain management and diversity. It has become an essential responsibility for companies to achieve sustainable business and society while making a profit.

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