Rise Sustainability through the digital platform.

We seed sustainability for the next generation.

     As a startup in the seed stage, we’re excited to offer a prototype of our platform “SustainaSeed DB”


     We aim to create a space where businesses can showcase their sustainable solutions and connect with potential customers interested in supporting ESG and SDGs conscious companies.


     By listing your company information on our platform, you can exhibit your sustainability efforts and gain exposure to a growing community of aware users. While “SustainaSeed DB” is still in the prototype stage, we actively listen to user feedback to improve the platform and better serve our users.

SustainaSeed is a startup that mission on rise sustainability.

Our Services


Advisory of Sustainable Business Strategy

ESG is one of the biggest target for corporate strategy. We provide a professional advisory for your organization.

Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 17-04-28 Home - SustainaSeed Data Base

Sustainable solution holder's Data Base

SustainaSeed DB is a business directory for the sustainable solution holders. Advertise and support their business.


Crowdfunding for sustainable businesses

We provide a crowdfunding platform for sustainable businesses. This is purchase and donation type on Japan market.

Our Team

Yuko Nakahata

Founder & CEO

Koji Okada

Co-founder & COO

EenoTRqr_400x400 (2)
Teren Teh

North America area

Destiny Simmons

UI/UX +Design, digital marketing

Andrea Belvedere

Technical Advisor

Tomohito Kinose

Technical Lead