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We seed sustainability for the next generation. Meet the sustainable solution holders.

About us

We aim to efficiently expand sustainability worldwide. To achieve this mission, we are constructing a platform that focuses on sustainable solution providers. We believe that sustainable social good is essential for a better future, and it is required by all organizations.

Our network will support the sustainable transition by collaborating with solution providers, impact investors, and major corporations. Sustainability cannot be built in a day or by a single organization. Together with our partners, we are accelerating the sustainable transition.

In addressing sustainability challenges, technology plays a crucial role in the transition. Many new technologies are primarily developed by startups, but they often face limitations in reaching the necessary contacts.

To address this issue, we aspire to serve as a hub for enhancing recognition and fostering collaboration. Our goal is to bridge the gap between innovative startups and the key stakeholders essential for advancing sustainability.

Our Team

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North America lead
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