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SustainaSeed DB showcases your sustainable solution products and services. We have large enterprise partners to help them to find sustainable solutions and provide startups.


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For listing your company and products, it is free. We want to introduce social good companies here. Advertising your organization on a global platform is an opportunity. We would expand the social impact togheather.


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SustainaSeed is based in Japan, and the participants come from around-the-world locations across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Africas. We can help you scale to new markets in some opportunities.

Our goal is to raise sustainability by supporting startups and Org. to grow.

Just 2 steps. 1) Register your account. 2) Listing your Org. and products.

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In 2022, Ozax established an Environmental Solutions Promotion Office to support sustainability initiatives throughout the supply chain. Ozax partnered with SustainaSeed to match companies seeking solutions with impactful startups.
We provide plant-based leather material B to B and are happy to connect with the minded organizations here. We are empowering corporations to join the movement of sustainability. 

Success stories powered by our platform

Screenshot 2023-05-06 at 17-49-29 株式会社ARKLET

Succeed capital alliance

ARKLET have got a capital alliance with a large enterprise through us.


Upcycle Project

Kipekee is working on the upcycle project with our partner company.


ESG professionals exchange

Dataseed and Wada translation office met through our business matching.


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What SustinaSeed aims to achieve

Our goal at SustainaSeed is to become a platform comprehensively supporting sustainability improvement. The business plan we have drawn up to realize this is a big one, and we are currently making step-by-step progress towards it. Together with our users who are contributing to solving sustainable issues, we want to enhance the necessary resources to […]

Why do we need a business directory of Sustainable Issue Solving Companies?

SustainaSeed’s first product was a crowdfunding platform dedicated to the SDGs. Furthermore, we listened to our users’ problems and released SDGs Jobs. While operating the beta versions of both products, we met many companies with great products and services that solve sustainable issues, including those from overseas. We found that crowdfunding, a B to B […]

Why start-ups need ESG too

Is ESG only needed for large companies and investors to care?No, it is not.Start-ups also need an ESG perspective from the very beginning. We want to explain why. 1. There is a limit to how selfishly a start-up business can operate. If the founder’s primary motivation for starting a business is to become rich or […]