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Why start-ups need ESG too.

Is ESG something only large companies and investors need to care about?No, it is not.It can be said that start-ups also need an ESG perspective from the very beginning. We want to explain why. If the primary motivation for starting a business is to become rich or to be recognised by others, it is possible […]

Corporate management × Sustainability

Why do we need a sustainable business strategy? In recent management, there is a growing demand for the disclosure of information not only on sales and profits but also on non-financial areas. Non-financial areas refer to human rights and the environment, which are not directly related to profits but should be considered ethically and socially […]

The SustainaSeed DB alpha version is now available.

We, SustainaSeed, are a sustainability-focused start-up. In April 2022, as our first product, we created a purchasing and donation crowdfunding platform to support everyone working on the SDGs to improve sustainability. . We met with various companies with many great sustainable solution products and services. Based on user feedback, we launched our second product, DGs […]