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SustainaSeed DB may be in its prototype stage, but it's already delivering concrete results for our users. From acquiring new customers to forging valuable partnerships and securing essential funding, our platform is a catalyst for real success. Don't miss out on the opportunities – join us today to experience the impact and unlock your own potential.


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SustainaSeed DB offers you a remarkable opportunity to promote your company and products. We are highlighting businesses that support sustainability. By featuring your organization on a global stage, including the Japanese market, we boost your social impact. Let's join forces to magnify our collective influence and drive meaningful, positive change. Your registration with us would help spread sustainable businesses.


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SustainaSeed, based in Japan, is a global hub where visionaries from around the world unite, spanning Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. We're here to empower your market ventures and provide exciting growth opportunities. Our built-in Japanese auto-translation makes it easy to showcase your presence and connect with a diverse audience.

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In 2022, Ozax established an Environmental Solutions Promotion Office to support sustainability initiatives throughout the supply chain. Ozax partnered with SustainaSeed to match companies seeking solutions with impactful startups.
We provide plant-based leather material B to B and are happy to connect with the minded organizations here. We are empowering corporations to join the movement of sustainability. 

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Screenshot 2023-05-06 at 17-49-29 株式会社ARKLET

Capital alliance

ARKLET have got a capital alliance with a large enterprise through us.


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Kipekee is working on the upcycle project with our partner company.


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Dataseed and Wada translation office met through our business matching.

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Sustainability Expert at SustainaSeed Takes on Research for Plastic Material Regulations in Europe

Hello, everyone! We’re excited to share the latest updates from SustainaSeed. As a specialist in sustainability, encompassing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), we’ve been approached by international business partners to undertake a fascinating research project regarding plastic material regulations in Europe. This crucial project is spearheaded by one of our […]

Japan Takes a Step Forward – Mandatory Sustainability Reporting for Prime-Listed Companies

In January 2023, Japan made a significant move towards embracing sustainability. This new development mandates Prime-listed companies to disclose sustainability reports, requiring Japanese businesses to provide information focusing on sustainability actively. This decision holds great importance in an era where environmental awareness and social responsibility are rising nationally and globally. Background to the New Reporting […]

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