SustainaSeed DB α

We, SustainaSeed, are a sustainability-focused start-up. In April 2022, as our first product, we created a purchasing and donation crowdfunding platform to support everyone working on the SDGs to improve sustainability. We met with various companies with many great sustainable solution products and services.
Based on user feedback, we launched our second product, SDGs Jobs, a job site dedicated to the SDGs, in August 2022. Furthermore, in listening to our users’ feedback, we realized that many companies with sustainable solutions must be more suitable for crowdfunding. We also discovered that the sustainability challenge is a universal problem and that many international start-ups are working to provide this solution. We have met with start-ups and companies from abroad and are pleased to announce a new platform to communicate your sustainability efforts here.
The SustainaSeed DB is the alpha version of the SustainaSeed DB, which we created in English as a global version to introduce companies to sustainability and solutions. We have met many excellent companies working on sustainable issues and heard many comments about the difficulties they face in promoting their products and services that solve sustainable problems. We wanted to introduce everyone to sustainable issue-solving products here as a platform dedicated to sustainability.
You can be listed for free if you are a company with sustainable issue-solving products or an organization working on the SDGs. Please feel free to give it a try.
We will listen to your feedback and move to a more convenient beta version of the SustainaSeed DB in the future. We hope to expand sustainability together with you.


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