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World mutual problem

Sustainability is significantly required in the world.
But, the response is not sufficient.

There is a need to find each other between sustainable solution holders and seekers.

Why you should join

Sustainable Solution Holder’s database from the world wide. Mostly they are startups and need suitable impact investors for growth.
We raise sustainability by supporting the solution holders.

*This SustainaSeed Database is alpha version.

Solution Information

You can see what type of solution there. We categorized Clean & Sustainable Energy, Agri Tech, Materials Science, and so on.

Corporate information

The registered companies are from the world wide. You can search your target segment and areas on our platform. Moreover, we can support your impact portfolio building with the startup matching.

Sustainability-related market size

Strength of SustainaSeed DB

Impact focused

Finding social good growing companies are not easy especially about startups. Our platform aim sustainable solution only.

Global & Japanese Users

SustainaSeed DB serve in English as the first language for global users. Auto-translated in Japanese page is provided to access the local market.

Sustainability, ESG Experts

Sustainability and ESG is a matter for all companies for the mid and long term growth. We have ESG experts to drive world better.

Excellent Network

SustainaSeed team is building the strong network in the sustainability areas. We are startup, and also our founder belongs to large organizations community. We bridge both side in good manner.

Meet various impact startups

SustainaSeed DB is the platform for sustainable solution holders.

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We seed sustainability for the next generations.