Work management app for farmers created by farmers

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Work management app for farmers created by farmers


What we do

I want to simplify pesticide management.
Simply select a pesticide and the number of times it is used and the amount used are automatically calculated. No troublesome settings are required. Supports management of multiple crops and multiple greenhouses. AI prevents pesticide misuse and makes management easy.

I want to visualize records.
From the accumulated data, we automatically visualize the information that farmers need, such as the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used, work hours, and so on. With AgriHub, all you have to do is tap the screen a few times to record your work. No troublesome setup is required.

Want to stop paper production records.
Simply record the data with the app and it will automatically create a form.
Eliminate the hassle of filling out forms to be submitted to agricultural cooperatives and direct sales offices. You can output, print, and submit the forms for free. Furthermore, if the business to which you are submitting the forms has installed AgriHub Cloud, there is no need to submit the forms.

I want to keep records of GAP and special cultivation.
AgriHub can easily manage "GAP" and "Special Cultivation". AgriHub can handle a wide range of complex management items for GAP and Special Cultivation.


Company's story

Our Specialty
1 Pesticide Management
Can I use this pesticide?
Easy management of "number of uses," "dilution ratio," "input amount," and "number of days before harvest!
AgriHub is the only application* that allows you to select the pesticide you want to use by checking "Applicable Pests and Diseases," "Number of Uses," and "Days Before Harvest" from the information suggested by the AI.
Simply select the spray amount and multiplier, and it will automatically calculate the "input amount" and "number of days before harvest" as well.
*Only our app can automatically calculate and manage the "number of times pesticides are used" and "amount of ingredients" without setting "pesticide registration information".
As of January 2023, according to our research (patent pending).

2 Fertilizer Management
How much nitrogen did you give?
Fertilizer management by ingredient is also a snap!
With AgriHub, all you have to do is tap the screen a few times to record the amount of fertilizer you used, and the system will automatically display statistical data so you can check in detail what ingredients you used and how much you used.
Of course, how many kilos of what fertilizer did you use? can also be easily checked.

3 Sales Management
What are the sales for this month?
Sales for each customer and crop can be viewed at a glance!
Sales can be displayed by day, week, month, or year.
Sales by crop and by store can be selected,
You can check at a glance.
Sales can be recorded according to the type of business, from direct sales management to sales for market shipments.

4 Data Analysis
How much fertilizer and pesticides?
What are the costs? How long does it take?
Automatically visualize the information you want to know
Recorded data is automatically visualized.
Just by keeping a record of pesticides and fertilizers, you can automatically check the statistics of pesticide and fertilizer use, and even manage costs.
Various information necessary for agricultural management is automatically organized.

5 Schedule Management
What is today's work schedule?
Real-time schedule management for all members
Never forget today's schedule.
AgriHub makes it easy to manage work schedules and is useful for "family businesses" and "corporations" with multiple workers*.
You can also check the work hours of each worker at a glance and use it for payroll.
You can share the registered AgriHub account with other workers so that multiple workers can log in and use the system at the same time.
Our story
I want to take over the farm and become a farmer, and solve the issues I felt in the field.
I was running my family's farming business while working as an engineer, but I became acutely aware of both the "inconvenience of farming" and the "potential of IT," and released "Agrihub" in September 2018 with the desire to "change the current situation through IT.
In agriculture, paper is still often used for work records and ordering and receiving. Through "Agrihub," we will support farmers to reduce their workload.
( Ito Shoichi, CEO)

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