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What we do

We use nanoparticle technology to precisely deliver active substances


We use nanoparticles to deliver agrochemicals directly to the plants and minimise the residues to the environment. Our nanoparticles allow delivering various kinds of pesticides and fertilisers and precisely deliver to plants. Because the agrochemicals are loaded inside nanoparticles, this technology enables to concentrate agrochemicals inside nanostructure, protect pesticide loss or degradation by nature condition. Consequently, it will enhance efficiency over extended durations and protect the crop for a longer time. 

Company's story

Our Specialty
Dr Cong Vu- Nanosoils Founder
I grew up in the rice bowl in Southern Vietnam, part of the Mekong Delta where just about everyone worked in the rice industry. After completing a PhD in nano-medicine at UNSW, Sydney I was part of a team that discovered a way to use nanoparticles to deliver anticancer drugs to target cancer cells whilst leaving the good cells alone.

One afternoon in the lab researching the history of cancer drugs in humans to select a drug to use in an experiment, I come to realise anticancer drugs and pesticide share many characteristics such poor water solubility and off-target toxicity. It got me thinking. If we are developing nanoparticles to promote chemicals to targeted cancer cells in the human body, why can't we do the same for agrochemicals and reduce the effects of harmful chemicals to our environment. With the support of Prof Justin Gooding and UNSW, I founded the start-up company called “Nanosoils”.

Nanosoils is incubated by Department of Primary Industries, the GATE program and accelerated by Sparklabs Cultiv8.
Our story
Our vision
Maximise the benefit of agrochemicals for growers
Reduce agrochemical residues
Restore soil biodiversity
Bring CO2 down to the soils

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