We are pioneers in biofuel cells – viable battery alternatives

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We are pioneers in biofuel cells – viable battery alternatives


What we do

Product 1 : A Paper Energy Source

After decades of patented cutting-edge research, BeFC has developed the first cost-effective, efficient, paper biofuel cells. BeFC biofuel cells are a viable, sustainable alternative to miniature, low-power
(button cell / coin cell) batteries.

  • Metal-free and organic
  • Recyclable and compostable
  • Safe and sustainable

    Product 2: Ecofriendly Microelectronics

    Active sensor tags: harvest, monitor and transmit data sustainably &

    Powered by BeFC biofuel cells, our full stack monitoring solutions generate and communicate data across a wide range of parameters.

    • Harvest data on temperature, humidity, geo-positioning, shock, pH & more.
    • Applications: wearables, smart Logistics, IoT, healthcare, & more
    • Cost-effcient, reusable, low-environmental impact

Company's story

Our Specialty
BeFC makes electricity with paper & enzymes.

Miniature batteries are complex, expensive and unecological to collect and recycle. Our thin, light-weight and flexible paper-based biofuel cells are disposable, recyclable, environmentally friendly and economically viable.
Our story
BeFC: a catalyst for change

Pioneers in biofuel cell technology, BeFC is challenging the way batteries and electronics are produced – through a range of clean, sustainable products including natural, enzyme-driven battery alternatives and autonomous eco-friendly,
data-capture tags and patches.

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