Toyo University TIPS: Empowering Students Diversity & SDGs Initiatives

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Toyo University TIPS: Empowering Students Diversity & SDGs Initiatives

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At TIPS, we collaborate with companies and organizations to carry out various activities. We welcome requests and proposals for lectures or speeches on SDGs and diversity, assistance with information dissemination for your company or organization, joint online event hosting, interviews with TIPS, and more. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries or suggestions.

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At TIPS, we strive to challenge ourselves with new endeavors, rather than repeating established activities or working within predetermined frameworks. We identify issues and goals, set visions, create plans, and execute our activities accordingly. As an organization based at Toyo University, founded by philosopher Enryo Inoue in 1887, and dedicated to SDGs, we embrace the philosophy of "philosophical inquiry = approaching the essence of things without being bound by preconceptions or biases, and deeply considering them as one's own problems, and actively addressing social issues under that pursuit." (from "The Philosophy of Inquiry is the Power to Survive in the World" by Makoto Takemura, President of Toyo University, produced by Toyo Keizai Advertising Team, Toyo Keizai Online, April 9, 2016). We aim to embody the ideals of Toyo University within our circle activities and contribute to society's challenges.

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Toyo University TIPS
Tokyo, Japan