Tokyo8’s diversity for regenerative agriculture

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Tokyo8’s diversity for regenerative agriculture


What we do

We are committed to helping to alleviate poverty and hunger in countries around the world by supporting agriculture with bacteria that promote increased productivity, thereby creating a "world with food security".

Company's story

Our Specialty
「TOKYO8」, a biofertilizer based on microorganisms
This microorganism based biofertilizer was developed by professionals in charge of wastewater treatment in Tokyo, one of the largest cities in the world, inspired by their unique know-how in wastewater treatment. The use of this product has been proven to increase the productivity of organic crops and significantly improve soils. It is harmless, odorless, and can be handled easily by anyone. Thanks to this microorganism formulation, we support the production of healthy and tasty crops.

TOKYO8 is a biofertilizer that is very good at decomposing organic matter and works very well with slow-acting organic fertilizers such as manure. It enables the transition to sustainable organic cultivation without loss compared to conventional cultivation that uses pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Vegetables grow healthier and tastier, dramatically improving food safety, yield, and quality (Aspect, flavor, and nutritional content).

Great improvement to soils, for healthier crops!
Using TOKYO8 activates and allows the local microorganism community to decompose the organic matter in the soil and produce humic substances. Those microorganisms causes the soil to become fluffier, helping greatly with root growth, and increasing the soil fertility of the field.
Harmless and odorless! Easy handling for everyone
TOKYO8 has been confirmed safe to the human body through oral toxicity (LD50) and skin patch tests. In addition, since it can be diluted with water and sprayed, no special equipment is required. It can be used with irrigation tubes and sprayers commonly used in developing countries. Furthermore, unlike ordinary microbial materials and activators, there is no pungent or putrid (fermented) odor. It is a formulation that can be easily sprayed without stress.
Our story
TOKYO8 GLOBAL was established from, Taiyo Yuka. We have been committed to recycling and upcycling since our establishment in 1963. All of our businesses, based on the clear vision of our founder, have been working toward each goal of the SDGs even before the SDGs were proposed, and we found ourselves as one of the leading companies that respond to the demands of society with cutting-edge technologies. Coming from upcycling, our new product TOKYO8 will now take on the challenge of eradicating poverty (No Poverty), SDG 1.

Our goal is that, with TOKYO8 will, small scale farmer will be able to have higher productivity at a cost that they can afford. It will encourage farmers who have been self-sufficient in their small fields to secure a harvest for sale from the same area planted, and it will also create new jobs in the spread and distribution of TOKYO8. We are promoting the deployment of production plants in developing countries through franchising, with the aim of making the technology available to small farmers at an affordable price. We look into expanding the number of distributors who sell the locally reproduced TOKYO8 at low cost as micro-franchises, and this franchise structure will be set up in each village to improve agricultural productivity and create many jobs, sustainably contributing to poverty eradication.
Besides that, the TOKYO8 franchise and micro-franchise system will have a positive impact on various social issues in rural areas of developing countries, both directly and indirectly. We are convinced that it is a product of hope for the future, with reported results in all kinds of crops, whether soil or hydroponic, vegetables, pulses, or roots.

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