Today and the future, sunny.

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Today and the future, sunny.


What we do

Yang & Hito is developing its business by focusing on two social issues.
The first is to make agriculture in Fukushima Prefecture a profitable and sustainable industry.
The second is to improve the health challenges of biological women, diversity (where diversity, including gender differences, can be fully utilized) organizations, communities, and society where diversity, including gender diversity, can thrive.

Company's story

Our Specialty
Production, distribution and wholesale business of agricultural products that communicate the region
Distributing agricultural products from Fukushima Prefecture under "new standards
We have created "new standards" for agricultural products (peaches, pears, grapes, apples, persimmons, etc.), including those that are out of market standards, and are building a system to distribute agricultural products purchased directly from producers to fruit and vegetable stores in cities, along with information on their production areas.
We are developing this business with the hope that "delicious agricultural products from Fukushima Prefecture will enrich people's daily meals.
Through this type of distribution, we aim to "create links between production areas and consumption areas," "improve the brand value of agricultural products produced in Fukushima Prefecture," and "increase producers' income. We also sell agricultural products wholesale and online not only to retailers, but also to restaurants and various manufacturers.
In addition, we also participate in marches and events in Tokyo to directly receive feedback from customers, which we use for our own marketing efforts.

Planning and sales business of products utilizing local resources
We find value in local resources, and carry out everything from product planning to sales.
We plan, develop, and sell a variety of products, including cosmetics and processed foods, utilizing local resources that have been buried in the past, such as out-of-specification and discarded agricultural products.
We are engaged in creative manufacturing that meets the needs of both the producing and consuming regions.

Consulting and Producing Business
We also offer consulting and production services in response to your needs.
Based on our experience and achievements in our own business, we provide practical support based on operational construction and the latest information,
We will support you from consultation to implementation.

Training and Lecture Business
We provide training and lectures at various companies and municipalities.
Our story
In August 2017, I established Yo-To-Hito Inc. in Kunimi Town, Fukushima Prefecture.
Born and raised in Tachikawa City, Tokyo, I first traveled to Fukushima Prefecture in 2010 when I began working as a national public servant. Later, I moved to the private sector and was blessed with a renewed connection to Fukushima Prefecture as I engaged in consulting work related to regional revitalization.
The more I learned about Fukushima Prefecture, the more I was drawn to its charms: the warmth of the local people, the local culture, the delicious sake and cuisine, and so on.
At the same time, I realized that there were many local resources that had not yet sprouted.
Many people say, "This is a land of nothing," but for me, it is a treasure trove of seeds that will bear wonderful fruits and flowers.
I felt that depending on how we utilize the land, it could grow into something valuable, and decided to establish a regional trading company in Fukushima Prefecture.
The company is called "Yo-To-Hitohito Co. By having our headquarters in Fukushima Prefecture, the production center, and a base in Tokyo, the consumption center, we will be able to meet the needs of the region and the city from our own unique perspective.
We have created a system to value the "Mottainai (What a waste) regional resources" in a form that meets demand, and deliver them to where they are needed. Of course, this is not limited to Fukushima Prefecture.
We would like to create a new flow of happiness by connecting regions and cities around the world. We will work together with all of you to find out what we can do to achieve this goal.

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