The first and most optimal electric mobility ecosystem for urban transport!

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The first and most optimal electric mobility ecosystem for urban transport!


What we do

Selex Camel- The first and most optimal electric scooters for delivery in Southeast Asia

Designed and manufactured in Vietnam, Selex Camel is the first and most optimal "pickup" electric scooter for transport in Southeast Asia. Known for its versatility, the vehicle is optimally designed for both cargo and passenger transport.

Company's story

Our Specialty

Swap batteries and achieve a 150 km range in just 2 minutes, completely eliminating the need for waiting (3-8 hours) and any concerns about range limitations. A portable charger is included for effortless home charging. Immerse yourself in an unmatched, flawlessly smooth, and uninterrupted electric mobility experience like never before.

Cost saving

Selex solution helps users save 35% on fuel and 50% maintenance costs compared to gasoline motorcycles.

Optimized transportation efficiency

Thanks to its proprietary design, Selex Camel has an outstanding load capacity with 50% improvement, in weight or volume, compared to its nearest rival. It has a max load of 225 kg and can be integrated with differently-sized cargo boxes. The vehicle frame and mirrors can be extended to accommodate larger cargo boxes and ensure driver safety.

Outstanding operating capabilities

Selex Camel fufills the IP67 waterproof standard, allowing it to operate in heavy rain, floods, and withstand up to 1 metre of water depth for 30 minutes. Additionally, it can transverse steep gradients of more than 14°, to navigate steep roads, bridges or basements. Its robust design includes two disc brakes and up to two rear shock absorbers to ensure smooth and safe operation even in harsh conditions.

Easy Control and Management

Users can easily track and manage their electric scooter through a mobile application powered by Selex award-winning IoT platform, which allows them to update the operational status of the vehicle, locate it, remotely control and customize it, and keep track of the service history. Logistics companies can also manage their fleet via their customized dashboards, which can be easily integrated with existing management platforms.
Our story
Selex Smart Electric Vehicles Joint Stock Company.

Selex Motors was established in 2018 in a small room of 10 m2 with the aspiration to promote the sustainable development of Vietnam and the world through smart electric vehicles and bringing renewable energy into transportation. Selex represents Smart Electric Vehicles X, while “X” denotes our potential extensive lineup of electric vehicle models and encapsulates the X-Factor.

The company was founded from the idea of Dr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc Nguyen, who has always dreamed of building a Hyundai for Vietnam, and 2 other co-founders, Dr. Nguyen Trong Hai, an old classmate of Mr. Nguyen when they were both PhD students in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, USA, and Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quang, an IoT system expert.

From the very beginning, the company has focused on building a comprehensive ecosystem for smart electric motorbikes to promote the adoption of this type of vehicle in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Through this ecosystem, the company wants to fundamentally solve the current hindrances of electric vehicles: the inconvenience in charging and the high cost. At the same time, it brings to the users new experiences and novel values through data mining from the ecosystem and application of the latest technologies such as IoT, AI, big data. The company visions that every person can easily own an electric motorbike and enjoy the positive values enabled by smart and sustainable mobility.

General Information

Company name
Selex Smart Electric Vehicle Joint Stock Company