Save the Earth. Change the World. UJ-Crystal

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Save the Earth. Change the World. UJ-Crystal


What we do

The Most Beautiful

Crystal Development

The “solution growth method” that can achieve ultra-high quality

UJ-Crystal’s solution-growth method, in which crystals are gradually grown from a liquefied Si-C solution at high temperature, enables the stable production of ultra-high quality SiC wafers, which not only improves the performance of power devices but also reduces device costs.


The Smartest

Digital Twin on 3D Simulation

The visualization of the inside of a reactor through simulation

Simulations are performed under experimental conditions obtained through AI and machine learning.
By visualizing the conditions inside the furnace during the experiment, which are normally invisible, we are actively using this information to search for more optimal growth conditions, understand crystal growth experiments, and train human resources.

The Fastest

Machine Learning

Unparalleled development speed using AI and machine learning

Various parameters in the solution growth method are highly optimized by machine learning. These AI methods were developed at Nagoya University and are unique to us.
By conducting experiments under the experimental conditions obtained by AI and machine learning, we are able to significantly shorten development time and reduce development costs.

Company's story

Our Specialty
SiC wafers are substrates made from silicon and carbon. Compared to conventional silicon, SiC wafers have higher thermal conductivity and a wider band gap, enabling stable operation at high temperatures and high power control.
As a result, it is used for high-performance electronic devices such as power semiconductors and high-frequency devices,
They are expected to play an active role in the fields of electric vehicles and renewable energy.
Our story
We want to contribute to society with our own technology and with our own hands. However, there are many difficulties in doing so. We ourselves know, use, and care about the technology we have developed better than anyone else. That is why we believe that we can overcome difficulties together with our colleagues, and never give up until the end.
We will implement this unprecedented technology in an unprecedented way and at an unprecedented speed in society, and contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society through power semiconductors.

General Information

Company name
UJ-Crystal Inc.