Save and harvest more Prosperity for all!

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Save and harvest more Prosperity for all!


What we do

Tun Yat rents affordable, high quality farming machine with a standardized service for famers that you can trust.

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< Mechanization As A Service >
Tun Yat offers mechanization service on-demand by following an Uber-for-tractor model. Our fleet of high-quality farming machines provide affordable and reliable services for farmers with relatively low income. Operating in one service hub, we fill gaps in mechanization among farmers by using mechanization inputs to increase yields.

- Farmers receive agri-machinery rental service for land preparation and harvesting rice, maize, sesame and bean crops.
- Farmers acquire high quality machinery from us - Japanese (Kubota), European (New Holland) and American Quality (John Deere Machines).
- Vitally, farmers require skilled machine operators for efficient machine utilization and better yields. Thus, our operators are well-trained to provide a reliable and on-time service.

< Farming As A Service >
As part of our farming-as-a-service procedure, existing customers are offered premium services: premium quality seeds (brown rice, jasmine rice, black rice and sesame are a few of them), quality fertilizer, post-harvest transportation and guaranteed crop buy-back service linked to a local or export buyer.
Our story
Tun Yat rents affordable farm machinery of the highest grade through a farmer friendly online service.

"Your trust and satisfaction, we value most."

Here at Tun Yat, we’re invested in the spirit of development through learning. It is what led our co-founders through the Phandeeyar Startup Challenge in May 2017. Together we sighted and realized that a change has to come for Myanmar’s agricultural sector. For a country heavily relying on agriculture, Myanmar’s rural farmers are underprivileged and in dire need of improvements in technology.

Through mechanization, we create greater yield for farmer crops, with reliable machinery, improved access, utilization and delivery as well as linking grower groups and their harvest to buyers.

The effort cannot end there...

We envision a prosperous Myanmar. In that spirit, Tun Yat collaborates with various local and international agencies for agri-consultation and research opportunities to help bring about sustainable developments in our own communities.

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Tun Yat Limited
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