Safe and Secure: Sensitive to both human and environment

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Safe and Secure: Sensitive to both human and environment


What we do

We prevent the spread of rotten citrus fruits.

Serious amounts of food are going to waste all around the world.
In fact, more loss occurs at the stages from production to sales, rather than at the consumption stage.
The fact that citrus fruits tend to mold makes long-term transportation difficult.
Therefore, we have developed a device that uses the power of ‘plasma’ to suppress mold growth.


Sterilization by Plasma

Surface of the citrus fruits is sterilized by using plasma stimulation.
Besides, citrus fruits produce antioxidants to protect against plasma.
The sterilizing effect of ozone and the activation of the antioxidants prevent citrus fruits from spoiling.

Company's story

Our Specialty
Plasma Box
Just Put in the Warehouseower

You can use the plasma box just by putting it in your current warehouse!
Since the plasma box uses household electricity as power source, there is no need to renovate your warehouse or install new equipment.

Power Saving
It is enough to run it for around two hours a day.
The monthly electricity cost of a single plasma box is around 100 to 200 Japanese Yen.
If you have a large warehouse, you can install multiple plasma boxes without having to care about the electricity bill thanks to its low cost.

Compact Size
The size of the plasma box is quite compact.
15 cm x 25 cm x 25,5 cm boyutlarında küçük bir cihaz olduğundan, kurulumu kolaydır ve koyacak yer konusunda zorluk yaşamazsınız.

Complete Sterilization
Unlike the devices that can only sterilize areas exposed to ultraviolet lights or near infrared lights, it provides complete and perfect sterilization.

Since the plasma box provides sterilization only by producing ozone, it does not use any chemicals.

Can be Used at Room Temperaturehemical-free
As it can be used at room temperature, it can be installed without refrigeration equipment.
The effect continues even after you take the fruits out of the warehouse.
Since long time preservation is possible, the waste will be reduced, and it will bring decrease in food loss.
Our story
President’s Message

We Attach Great Importance to both Food and the Device

Approximately half of the fruits and vegetables produced in the world is thrown away, not making it on to a plate.(FAO Hunger Free World)
While food loss is a problem at the consumption stage in developed countries, food loss occurs in the production and storage stages in developing countries due to weak supply chains.
Due to the warm winters in the past four to five years, many agricultural products are being lost at production sites in Japan as well.
Through our business, we aim to create a society in which producers can provide high-quality agricultural products to consumers by contributing to reducing loss and improving the quality of agricultural products.

On the other hand, it has been a common practice to buy a new one if the small product we provide breaks down.
The plasma box we have developed is designed to be absolutely unbreakable.
This is because we want our customers to use our plasma box for a long time while we are taking responsibility for the maintenance as company.
The plasma sterilization technology we developed can preserve the freshness of agricultural products at room temperature without using any chemicals.
Since it can also run on solar power, our goal is to put our plasma box in use in production sites of developing countries in the future to expand its use in activities that will reduce waste loss in agricultural products in developing countries.

General Information

Company name
Tabetech Co. Ltd.