RootWave eWeeder for fruit. Full control | Zero Chemicals

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RootWave eWeeder for fruit. Full control | Zero Chemicals


What we do

RootWave kills weeds using electricity to give better weed control at a lower cost than chemical herbicides whilst protecting health and helping nature restore its soils, water and biodiversity.

Company's story

Our Specialty
RootWave’s™ technology kills weeds using electricity while helping nature restore soils, water and biodiversity.
No chemicals or water and can be powered by renewable energy.

No-till technology to create healthy soils and capture carbon.

eWeeding is cost comparable with using herbicides.

Safety patents
RootWave has patented the use of high frequency electricity to kill weeds, which is orders of magnitude safer for operators and bystanders than DC.
Our story
Do you want to work on something that can make a positive impact on our environment? By disrupting a global industry, RootWave technology is on course to change the world for the better.

Our technology uses electricity to kill weeds and will help solve two global issues. The first is to remove chemical herbicides from our food and the environment to improve the health of society and the ecosystem. The second is to create healthy soils that capture and store carbon to reduce the impact of global warming. Our technology is a sustainable and regenerative alternative to chemical herbicides.

General Information

Company name
RootWave (Ubiqutek Ltd)
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