Renewable energy from your organic waste

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Renewable energy from your organic waste


What we do

Convert locally available organics and plastic into clean, onsite and affordable energy.

What a waste.

The world has a waste problem – by 2050 global waste production is expected to escalate from 2 billion tons per year to an astronomical 3.4 billions tons per year, outpacing population growth by more than double.

Despite our best efforts to recycle or repurpose food waste, landscape clippings, woodchips, biosolids, unrecyclable plastics or even sargassum collected off of our beaches – the vast majority of organic waste ends up in some form of a landfill.

We can close the loop on this circular economy by recovering value from waste.

Company's story

Our Specialty
We have a solution,
the Enexor Bio-CHP™.
Immediate savings. Landfill diversion. Scalable.
Enexor has developed a bioenergy system that will help solve our organic and plastic waste problem. By simultaneously providing immediate energy and waste disposal cost savings, coupled with significant reductions in harmful greenhouse gas (“GHG”) production – this patented system is incomparable to any other system in the world.

Our onsite combined heating and power technology converts almost any organic or plastic waste into reliable, renewable power and thermal energy. Modular and easily transportable, the plug-and-play design of this powerful system allows for quick deployment and onsite mobilization in most places around the world. With 24/7 continuous renewable power, our systems are ideally suited for microgrids.
Our story
Our Mission
Develop distributed, renewable energy and carbon solutions to help solve the world’s organic and plastic waste problem.

Integrity. Excellence. Respect. Teamwork.
We aspire to grow our company by hiring the best of the best – individuals who emulate integrity, excellence, respect and teamwork. With a diverse group of backgrounds across multiple industries, our team is a combination of professionals who see the value in operating using an integrated and lean approach. But most importantly, we all share a mutual passion for technological innovation and leaving a lasting legacy that betters humanity for generations long after we are gone.

Team Enexor
We have put together a team of outstanding professionals who are dedicated to being part of a business that is not only successful – but also one that is making a difference in the world. We are passionate about our mission, we challenge each other to improve daily, we work hard and we love to celebrate our success.

Together, we are building great things that make a positive impact on our world and society.

Our culture and shared values.
“We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

Ultimately, we want to make a difference. We believe that our employee culture is key to our success, our growth and our ability to better our planet holistically.

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Enexor BioEnergy
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