Renewable Energy and Drone Technology for a Sustainable Future

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Renewable Energy and Drone Technology for a Sustainable Future


What we do

We are a company that designs, develops and manufactures water drones, snow removal drones, etc. using automatic control technology (droning technology). We offer sales and services in a form suitable for the intended use.

Company's story

Our Specialty
< Snow Removal Drone >
(Under development/presently accepting business inquiries)

Electric Small size

We are developing an unmanned automatic snowplow "snowplow drone" to enable automatic and remote snow removal and to reduce the burden of daily snow removal work.

‍Prevent snow accumulation by removing snow at the same time as it falls at business and commercial facilities, public facility sites, parking lots, etc.

< Water Drone >
- AST-181 (High Mobility Water Drone) -
Fully electric twin water jet

This fully electric model is powerful and speedy, and is useful in situations where speed and power are required. The monohull shape has high resilience and can navigate even in rough weather such as strong winds and high waves.

It can be operated not only remotely but also automatically by specifying the destination and transit points. It can be used for marine rescue, safety monitoring, depth and water quality surveys in lakes, coastal collapse surveys, and accompanying people on water-based leisure activities.

- AST-232 (Sailboat drone unmanned model) -
Full wind power Sailboat type

A sailboat-type drone with a monohull structure that is difficult to capsize.

This product is propelled solely by wind power, enabling 100 hours of operation time and long range cruising of 500 km or more. The large-capacity battery and solar power generation system allow for even longer continuous operation. It can be used for various applications, such as patrolling suspicious vessels and poachers, and oceanographic surveys.
Our story
Climate change and the EV shift, labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and aging population, depopulation. The living environment surrounding Japan and the world is becoming increasingly challenging. Utilizing renewable energy and improving productivity are social issues, but we can contribute to solving social issues through the use of AI, robots and drones. EverBlue Technologies will solve social issues in coastal areas and heavy snowfall areas surrounding Japan through the social implementation of sailboat-type and motorized water drones and snow removal drones that do not emit global warming gases.

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