Recycled PET Flakes Supplier in Indonesia

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Recycled PET Flakes Supplier in Indonesia


What we do

  • Sustainable Material for Packaging, Clothing, and Shoes

  • Exported to USA, EU, and Vietnam

Battling Ocean Plastic Pollution and Global Ecosystem Threats

Indonesia's waste management systems are insufficient to cope with the substantial volume of waste generated, positioning the country among the top five contributors to ocean plastic pollution.

The consequences of this environmental challenge pose a grave risk to the interconnected global ecosystem, affecting marine life, vital economic sectors, and the well-being of people.

Company's story

Our Specialty
Transforming PET Bottle Waste into Sustainable Solutions
Tridi Oasis is dedicated to addressing those challenges through the recycling of locally-sourced PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle waste into recycled PET flakes.

This sustainable material can be used in the manufacturing of packaging, clothing, and shoes.
Our story
Providing Recycled PET Flakes as Sustainable Materials
Established in 2016, Tridi Oasis is a female-led recycling company based in Indonesia, specializing in processing locally sourced PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle waste into recycled PET flakes.

We have collaborated with both local and international companies, providing recycled PET flakes as a sustainable material for their product development.

In today's market, with an increasing number of environmentally conscious customers, using sustainable materials in a product can profoundly enhance the company's brand value by demonstrating its commitment to environmental responsibility.

We believe in our mission to:
- Improve the environment by recycling locally-sourced plastic waste and reducing the amount of waste ending up in landfills, waterways, or oceans.

- Advance the circular economy by creating high-quality recycled materials that can be used to manufacture sustainable products.

- Create sustainable jobs for surrounding communities along the waste management value chain.

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Tridi Oasis
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