Natural plant protection

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Natural plant protection


What we do

We help keep your fruits, vegetables and flowers fresh longer with our natural and organic pre- and post-harvest solutions for sustainable production and distribution. From grower to consumer.

Company's story

Our Specialty
Long live the natural way!
With our natural coatings we extend the shelf life of crops while preserving all their quality.

- A quality product, developed in Switzerland
- A unique natural formula for post-harvest treatment
- Shelf-life extension
- Water loss reduction
Our story
Incorporated in May 2018 and a spinoff from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), we’re a team today of 10+ specialists with 6 patents in our pocket and 3 meticulous scientific papers, active in 5+ countries with our own production facilities and with one shared vision.

“Our vision is to extend crop freshness through natural and organic solutions. This means more benefits for food suppliers and for us as end consumers, with less waste in between"

Our production
We help keep your fruits, vegetables and flowers fresh longer by developing natural and organic coatings for sustainable production and distribution.

Ongoing research
Our aim is to identify and develop highly efficient natural and biological fungicides with a broad range of antifungal activity for pre- and post-harvest applications.

Where we’re going
The goal of AgroSustain is to become a one-stop-shop solution for natural plant protection. We aim to help reduce food waste and support sustainable food production by developing farm-to-fork solutions such as natural and biological fungicides and coatings.

General Information

Company name
AgroSustain SA
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