Meeting the challenges of the sea

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Meeting the challenges of the sea

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With focus on innovation, practical experience and operational excellence, Global Maritime will help you through every stage of your renewable energy project lifecycle, no matter where you sit in the value chain.

Global Maritimes experience in offshore wind, marine tidal and solar power combined with our innovative design, engineering and marine warranty knowledge, you can be sure of safe and effective design, execution and operations and a crucial future contribution to the energy mix.


Offshore Aquaculture Services

With aquaculture providing half of the world’s seafood, Global Maritime is at the forefront of this fast-growing industry and in the design, construction and operations of offshore fish farms.

From ensuring their stability and structural strength in harsh conditions through to the logistics of supporting and maintaining such offshore infrastructure, Global Maritime provides the very best in offshore and semi-submersible technologies and innovations throughout the asset lifecycle.

Global Maritime is the world’s foremost engineering company for the design of offshore fish farms. Since 2013, Global Maritime has been heavily involved with several floating and seafloor based offshore fish farm constructions.

Fish Farm Concept & Design
New concepts need time to mature. Fish farming involves risks, but offshore fish farming involves an entirely new set of risks. These news risks must be considered when taking a well-known operation into new and harsher environments.

The new concept requires discussion and analysis. The process entails creating a basic model to see if the concept can survive the global forces from waves, currents, and wind.

It all starts with a location, which sets the criteria for both the concept and construction. These criteria will largely be based upon the weather conditions, such as wave height, water depth, seafloor conditions, and sea currents.

System Integration
During the design, all different systems must be integrated into the structure. For example, this could include marine systems such as navigation, propulsion, sewage, fish handling systems, etc.

When moving fish farming to an offshore environment, much of the challenge is to integrate the fish handling and monitoring systems. These systems are generally designed for inshore net pens, and therefore must be redesigned to tolerate harsher weather conditions. And, it is vital to prove that these systems will withstand the environmental forces at the location of the operating structure.

New Rules & Regulations
Taking fish farming to the offshore environment brings the need for new rules and regulations.

By combining practices from various industries - oil & gas, maritime, and aquaculture - a new set of regulations has been introduced. Global Maritime has actively developed these regulations in collaboration with the Norwegian government, class societies, customers, and the industry. GM’s understanding of these regulations is vital for project success.

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