Meat Sustainable? Meat Jackfruit.

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Meat Sustainable? Meat Jackfruit.


What we do

Its popular due to its texture, neutral taste, nutritional profile and many more reasons

Company's story

Our Specialty
NANKA strives to be different from the other food tech startups – particularly in the space of alternative protein. We are more of an innovative ingredient company that aspires to add value in the food and feed industry.

• Our formulation is fully customisable.

• Our formulation can be ambient and shelf stable.

• Our ingredients are 98% locally sourced.

• Our products are minimally processed.

• Our processes are mobile and highly scalable.
Our story
We are NANKA Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian based food technology company that focuses on creating plant based alternatives to foods like meat, milk, flour, animal feed, pet food from a single source: jackfruit.

NANKA is a spin-off from nangka which means jackfruit in Malay language.

General Information

Company name
NANKA™ alt food
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