Managing Nitrogen is complex – we make it simple.

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Managing Nitrogen is complex – we make it simple.

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What we do

Our N-Time software provides image-based nitrogen application scheduling recommendations for your operation.

Optimal Nitrogen for your crop's potential.

Developed through on-farm research, N-Time is a software platform that delivers real-time, imagery-based nutrient recommendations directly to users throughout the growing season.

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Optimize your nitrogen applications with N-Time®
N-Time analyzes multispectral images to deliver fertigation scheduling recommendations for your crops throughout the growing season. N-Time handles image acquisition, analytics, and recommendation delivery for you – what’s left to you is making the most informed decision possible.

N-Time is available however you access the internet – or anywhere, anytime on our mobile app.

Fertigation scheduling software backed by research
N-Time was developed and tested in cooperation with commercial grain corn producers in Nebraska via the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network during the 2019-2021 growing seasons.
Our story
A problem worth solving.
Farmers face a major challenge every day: grow more food with fewer resources. That includes using the right amount of nitrogen, an essential nutrient for healthy crops. But determining optimal applications is complicated. Too little and your yield might suffer. Too much and you’re wasting money and inadvertently contributing to nitrate runoff.

This dilemma is what drew Jackson Stansell to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln as a graduate student in 2019. His goal? Help create a better nitrogen management solution.

A solution based on research. Proven through trials.
With support from the Nebraska Corn Board and the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, Jackson and a team of researchers studied how field imagery could be utilized to inform better nitrogen scheduling decisions. They put their ideas and analytics to the test through on-farm trials conducted over several years.

Resounding results worth scaling.
Research showed that Nitrogen Use Efficiency improved and yield remained strong or increased. Jackson didn’t want the technology they’d developed to remain in the academic domain. So, in 2021, he founded Sentinel Fertigation to put the tech into the hands of farmers.

The mission continues.
Sentinel is equipping farmers with its N-Time solution, an advanced version of what Jackson initially created at UNL. N-Time utilizes high-quality satellite imagery to analyze crop nitrogen status and provide fertigation recommendations. The results continue to impress. Growers have been improving crop production while applying nitrogen more efficiently, increasing profits and enhancing their environmental stewardship.

Sentinel is continuously improving N-Time while pushing the boundaries of what the technology can accomplish – recommendations for a variety of crops, multiple macro and micronutrients, and insights that integrate even more seamlessly with your operation.

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Sentinel Fertigation
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