Manage&analyze your fields and trials

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Manage&analyze your fields and trials

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We are the data management and analysis platform of choice for R&D teams and leading technology-adopting Farmers

Eiwa Vault

With Eiwa Vault, we integrate siloed data and different platforms to create a unified system. This gives you a complete overview of your trials and fields, simplifying large-scale analysis and data-driven decision-making for your product or business.

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Comprehensive Breeding Trial Management Platform. Automate field data collection through drone imagery, improving data quality and scalability.

Early campaign data reception, integrating third-party trials and accelerating decision-making on best inputs to move forward with.

Product placement
Digitization of Product Placement Trials to centralize Reports, Dashboards and improve the performance of commercial teams when sharing field data with customers.
Our story
Eiwa is an Agtech company, that provides the critical ecosystem cloud infrastructure required to solve the problem of aggregating data from disparate data sources and data formats to apply AI algorithms and further the development, placement, and agronomic practices of farm input products.
Ag Input companies, Ag Retailers, and Food companies using the Eiwa Vault platform can significantly minimize brand risk, accelerate the overall product development process, and improve go-to-market strategies.

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