Making all waste paper valuable / Food Loss Papers

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Making all waste paper valuable / Food Loss Papers


What we do

Making all waste valuable. Food loss paper is a material made from food loss and discarded ingredients converted into valuable paper. Since it can be combined with various recycled materials, it can be developed to meet your needs. We support the SDGs activities of companies and municipalities with our paper materials.

Company's story

Our Specialty
< Product Lineup >
- Paper kome-kami made from uneaten rice
- "momi-kami," a new paper material made from discarded rice husks
- Paper material made from carrot peels: "vegi-kami carrot"
- Craft Beer Paper Made from Beer Lees
- Craft Beer Paper made from Beer Lees
- Slightly scented, mixed paper made from tea, "tea paper "
- kome-kami BOX
kome-kami BOX is a seamless package made of kome-kami raw materials. Its form has the beauty of a craftsman's handiwork, and every time you touch it, you feel a pleasant sensation.
Our story
Food Loss Paper is planned and developed by the SDGs Promotion Project within Paper Pal Corporation, a long-established paper company that has been dealing exclusively in paper since its establishment in 1890!
This project was launched in 2020 as an SDGs initiative. The project aims to realize a new society that can reduce CO2 and food loss and support those in need by spreading "food loss paper" and other materials that change food loss into something of value.
We will continue to promote our activities with the mission of "zero food loss" for other materials as well, and are working daily to eliminate food loss around the world and to create a society where all food products are delivered to the right place in the right flow.

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Paperal Corporation
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