Leap® made by Beyond Leather

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Leap® made by Beyond Leather


What we do

Leap® is upcycled apple waste turned into a plant-based leather alternative.

It's easier to use leftover apples

Leap® is a plant-based leather alternative with every quality of traditional leather but more beautiful.
Born by upcycling apple waste discarded in cider production, Leap® naturally saves time, energy and resources.

Our roadmap will show how we at Beyond Leather see a future made of food waste.

Today Leap® uses 84% bio-based ingredients, tomorrow we're working towards 100%, because the future of leather alternative is plant-based.

Company's story

Our Specialty
A new way to touch beauty

Leap® feels strong and alive - a soft, luxurious material with a familiar feeling. The surface can be smooth or textured.

Experience a supple handle you’d expect from leather, made from apple.

Discover the future
of materials

We stay authentic to our raw material by refusing to add anything that’s not necessary. Therefore, we only use a small amount of fossil fuel-derived ingredients, because it’s necessary to find a balance between performance and sustainability.

Our roadmap leads us to a 100% natural and waste-based leather alternative in the future.
Our story
Leap® is created by Beyond Leather based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Inspired by the challenge to turn leather-making into a sustainable practice, we discovered the beauty in apple waste. We work closely with our partners and listen to them carefully. We apply their input to develop the Leap® look, feel and performance, and to design an end-of-life solution that works best for them and the environment too.

We believe a fresh start and close communication is the only way forward in leather making.

General Information

Company name
Beyond Leather Materials ApS