It’s Our Nature to Nurture

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It’s Our Nature to Nurture


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Elevating farms, farmers and vegetables for communities and beyond.



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Unlocking the Power of Technology in Agriculture: Our Farming Partners

We leverage technology developed at Beleaf’s research farms to unlock best-in-class yields for our mitras across Indonesia. Our use of IoT devices such as weather stations and dosing systems drives real-time crop management. We are building this modernized infrastructure to enable us to build yield optimization models, creating value for us and our mitras – a true win-win!
Our story
In 2019 Beleaf Farms started out as a humble hydroponic farm. After success in improving yield, quality and consistency of its produce, it has been supplying high quality fresh produce to retailers, restaurants and customers.

In 2022, Beleaf developed and start implementing a new program – Farming as a Service (FaaS). Under this program, Beleaf supports specially selected partner farms end to end with high quality inputs, best practices, agronomy guidance, tech support, sales and marketing to ensure that farms optimize their product getting the best quality, yield and value consistently.

Through Beleaf’s R&D and FaaS program, Beleaf wants to become an active leader in agriculture innovation, helping farmers all across Indonesia manage their farms better and improve the quality of fresh produce for all consumers.

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Beleaf Farms
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