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What we do

Swimsol provides affordable and durable marine floating & rooftop solar PV systems for the tropics, where land space is limited. We make solar energy a hassle-free experience by handling all the tech & maintenance. We work with ultra-luxury resorts and small businesses alike – always aiming to provide great service.

We are experts with solar-at-sea (offshore solar), island micro-grids and heavy-duty solar PV systems.

Company's story

Our Specialty
Swimsol aims to make solar PV easy for resorts and other customers, handling everything from planning to operation and maintenance. Our team excels at complicated logistics on tiny remote islands as well as meeting the needs of luxury hospitality operations.

We have successfully worked in the demanding market of the Maldives for years, applying our expertise from Europe.
Our story
Swimsol is the leading solar energy provider for Maldivian resorts and global pioneer in marine floating solar development, with over 20 MWp solar power installed in the Maldives. We engineer heavy-duty, high-performance solar PV systems for extreme climates.

We first visited The Maldives in 2009, composed of 1196 islands, this country has few islands larger than 1 square kilometre. Sunshine here is plentiful, yet there is little space for solar panels. To solve this problem, we envisioned solar panels floating in the lagoons of Maldives.

In 2014, in collaboration with European universities, we launched the world’s first floating solar power plant for the sea – SolarSea®. These systems have been operating successfully in the Maldives for over 9 years. Swimsol also offers rooftop PV solutions, with 35+ large solar projects implemented at luxury resorts across the Maldives.

Our systems include comprehensive electrical grid analysis to ensure grid stability and achieve maximum savings by optimizing generator efficiency. Our local subsidiaries and partners provide on-site services and maintenance.

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Swimsol GmbH
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