Innovate, Clean-up, Preserve

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Innovate, Clean-up, Preserve

What we do

Interactive Autonomous DYnamic Systems

designs, develops and delivers Artificial Intelligence & Robotic innovations, by always keeping in mind to design the most responsible and sustainable solutions to preserve water.

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Our Specialty
The startup is in particular comitted to the marine environment protection, with the Jellyfishbot : a small robot that collects floating waste and oil. To meet the specific pollution control needs of the industrial and anti-pollution ( oil spill response) sectors, IADYS has redesigned its product ranges and launched a brand new range, the Jellyfishbot EXPERT range and the Mobile Oil Skimmer.

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Oil spill response
Our story
Based in the South of France, in Roquefort-la Bédoule, IADYS' crew is made up of 18 very talented members with one mission: the robotic and the IA for preserving the water.

Our mission
At IADYS, we are convinced that robotics and artificial intelligence can help protect and preserve our environment.
It’s a collective effort and we are all committed day-to-day to contribute in our own way to the changes that need to take place to protect the Earth for the generations to come.

The Jellyfishbot and our portfolio of services aim to serve marina’s operators, actors of the depollution, industrials, leisure & sports structures and researchers seeking for solutions for the maintenance and the preservation of the water areas.
In medium term, IADYS will broaden its markets offering its autonomy software & hardware bricks to other markets with significant recurrent and hazardous tasks. Once fully deployed, the ISmind technology will not only revolutionise A.I. and robotic by removing any level of risk to workers and wildlife, but it will also reduce the burden of work and the recurring tasks, their costs, the labor and time required, while increasing the effectiveness of operations.

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