Helping a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health.

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Helping a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health.

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Continuum Ag is on a mission to help a million farmers improve their profitability via improved soil health, utilizing TopSoil to streamline the process.

Recently, Continuum introduced it’s latest innovation, CI Certification. This product enables farmers to earn premiums for producing lower carbon intensity grain while ensuring secure data control.

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Low Carbon Intensity = Higher Profitability
Discovering your Carbon Intensity Score is the first step in maximizing revenues. At Continuum, we do this through our innovative TopSoil® platform, a simple-to-use technology that lets you forecast, record, and evaluate the impacts of activities such as:

- Planting cover crops
- Implementing reduced or no-till
- Increasing crop yields
And while these are great metrics to know for any business, there are 2 ways commercial farms can leverage this information into profits.

1. Use TopSoil to see how to improve soil health and maximize yields, thus increasing output and profitability.
2. Gain CI Certification to demand a price premium for your low CI crops from biofuel producers who receive special tax credits for low CI fuels.

Harvesting Profits with Carbon Intensity
Farming production with low CI scored grain is more valuable and attractive to end users. For example; the CI score of 0.0 means the bushel is net carbon neutral. Premium payments for lower carbon grains encourage growers to implement practices that lower carbon emissions and ultimately result in lower CI scores.

Once you know your score certain practices can drastically lower your score. These variables will impact your score & can be estimated online via our CI Calculator Tool.

1. Yield- higher yields spread emissions over more bushels, lowering the average score
2. Plant a cover crop
3. Implement reduced or no till
4. Reduce inputs (NPK, fuel, and chemical)

In general, the more you compound these practices, the lower your CI score will be. The lower the score, the more value provided to the ethanol industry, allowing you the ability to negotiate a higher price for your grain.
Our story
Mitchell Hora founded Continuum Ag in 2015 as an agricultural consulting company, specializing in the Haney Soil Health Test. Today, Continuum is a soil health data intelligence company using their proprietary tool called TopSoil® to enable farmers to profit from improving their soil health.

Regenerative Ag is the future and it simply is a better system for farmers. Carbon Intensity, sustainability, and other environmental outcomes are now bringing corporate players to the table. The company has been able to take this opportunity in stride and serves as a catalyst to enable collaboration between farmers and supply chain partners.

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Continuum Ag.
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