Cutting-Edge Technology Built For Agriculture

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Cutting-Edge Technology Built For Agriculture


What we do

FarmWise® deploys state-of-the-art AI and computer vision weeding technology to help farmers achieve their productivity and profitability goals.

Company's story

Our Specialty
- Save $250+ per acre
- Make fewer passes across the field
- Run in all field conditions

Vulcan is FarmWise®’s next-generation intra-row weeder and precision cultivator designed with durability and precision at its core. Vulcan yields optimum weed removal outcomes whatever the time of day, weed pressure levels, or crop growth stages — all thanks to FarmWise®’s industry leading plant image capture, proprietary machine learning, and powerful processing capabilities.

With a fully modular, component-based architecture, service and maintenance of the equipment are straightforward. The machine self calibrates, software updates are pushed regularly over the air, and growers are able to fine tune the weeding precision from the cab. Vulcan is all about helping growers achieve maximum uptime and productivity with capabilities of covering up to 3 acres/hour.
Our story
Our team comes from the most successful companies in the fields of self-driving cars, farming, and consumer electronics, as well as from the leading AI labs in the world. Our leaders have helped companies grow from the earliest stage to mature, enduring brands. We have all come together to build the future of precision agriculture.

At FarmWise, we believe that farming can be done at the plant level and at scale. Our team wants to enable growers to rethink farming operations with machines and technology that can perceive, understand, and act on each and every plant in real-time.

For years, FarmWise operated a commercial fleet of automated weeder prototypes across the greater Salinas Valley in California. After 25,000 acres of commercial weeding and associated learnings, FarmWise released its Vulcan precision implement in 2023. Vulcan is a unique intra-row weeder and precision cultivator designed for durability and efficient weeding.

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