Cultivating Algae’s Potential, for a Better Future

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Cultivating Algae’s Potential, for a Better Future


What we do

To Become the Global Leader
in Clean Technology

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"There is not enough earth..." Left as it is, 2.8 earths are needed to sustain the forthcoming world population if the entire world population live like how Japanese lives. Ongoing consumption of rapidly depleting natural resources continues to threaten the environment.
In order to overcome these challenges and pass on a healthy environment to the future generation, it is of urgent need to shift from a "linear/consumption" society to a "circular/symbiotic" society.

Even as the term sustainability pervades today, food, electricity, gas and our daily needs are still dependent on the consumption of natural resources.

We firmly believe that algae is one of the means to solve this global crisis.

Algae produced the oxygen, which brought forth biodiversity, in the Earth billions of years ago. This is the same algae that can sequester carbon dioxide to produce the oxygen of today.

We at Algalbio aim to be the world's No. 1 clean technology company by solving global issues and contributing to the future of the people and Earth through unleashing the potential of such algae.


Since a long time ago, the promise of algae has gathered attention but it has not yet reached the prime of its industrialization.

We strongly believe that the penetration of algae into the social infrastructure will lead the shift from a "linear consumption" society to that of a "circular/symbiotic" society. To that end, establishment of a "market-in" type "Algae Platform" business is of a great importance not only in Japan but also in the world.

From Japan, we will deliver the power of algal research and development to create our goal of a circular and symbiotic society.

Company's story

Our Specialty
1.Materialize scientific research

As a R&D start-up company, we continue to persevere into unleashing the potential of algae into "shape". With limitless possibilities, we will strongly utilize the power of scientific research to provide for the needs and wants of various markets. We will persevere in forming this "shape" into a substantial application for the society.

2.Challenge with joy

Challenge is a necessity for success. We believe that to achieve our mission, we do not forget to be cheerful, to learn from our mistakes, to evolve and to truly enjoy the challenges throughout our journey.

3.Teamwork and professional growth

We are trying to make the "shape" a reality by collaborating with researchers and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds. We value a working environment that leads to individual growth and corporate success, as well as fostering a spirit of mutual respect and harmony.
Our story

With "Cultivating Algae's Potential, For a Better Future" and "Contributing to the future of people and the Earth through research and development of algae" as our company's purpose, Algalbio Co., Ltd. is an algae cleantech start-up company that was founded on more than 20 years of scientific research at The University of Tokyo.

Our Vision is "To Become the Global Leader in Clean Technology". Aiming to be the No. 1 Clean Tech Company in the world, we strongly desire to transform into a "circular/symbiotic" society, instead of a "linear/consumption" society, in order to take part in creating a better global environment for the future generations.

General Information

Company name
Algal Bio Co., Ltd.