Cellulose based functional material solutions

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Cellulose based functional material solutions


What we do

Turning cellulose into functional, high performance ingredients

Natural Ingredients
Our cellulose particles are highly functional, 100% natural plant-based and can be used in a wide range of formulations.

Our products are biodegradable, produced responsibly and do not cause harm to people, society or the environment.

limate Action
Our production avoids carbon emissions compared to existing material processing such as titanium dioxide production.

Company's story

Our Specialty
Processing & scaling technology
Our unique extraction & separation technology allows us to tune cellulose functionality by physical control and chemical treatments – without chemical modifications and avoiding harmful processing. Our treatments are environmentally responsible and ensure a lowered GHG emission footprint for our customers.

Not just a white pigment
Highly functional, 100% natural and can be used in a wide range of formulations…
Our color solutions allow to achieve high opacity, coverage and UV protection – from white coatings, bulk color to color blending.

Our materials help you improve texture and control rheology – from gravies, creams, emulsions, gels to paints.

Our functional cellulose solutions allow high control of optical and electronic properties – from conductive inks, hydrophobic films to self-assembled structural color coatings.
Our story
We transform cellulose, the earth's most abundant biopolymer, into high-performance ingredients. Our flagship innovation is a unique light-scattering material, a natural pigment with 100% natural composition.

We create, produce and sell new functional materials and structures based on cellulose for a wide variety of consumer products and advanced applications.
We employ scientific methods to tailor cellulose into efficient biobased materials solving customer pain points - nontoxic and cost-effectively. Our cellulose functional materials are produced using energy efficient industrial processes.

Our core values
STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: Commit to the relentless pursuit of excellence and dedicate yourself to enhancing our proposition each day towards sustained and long-term success.

EMBRACE TRUTH-SEEKING: Prioritise thinking from first principles, questioning your biases and discovering truths over personal validation.

THINK LIKE A CUSTOMER: Centre decision-making on the customer, prioritising their needs and satisfaction.

BE ACCOUNTABLE: Take ownership for achieving tangible results, prioritise reliability and drive collective success.

EVERY OPINION MATTERS: Recognise the collective strength of a diverse team where curiosity, collaboration and open, respectful communication thrive.

ACT RESPONSIBLY: As we innovate and progress, ensure that our solutions contribute positively to society and minimize our environmental footprint.

BUILD TRUST: Uphold high ethical standards prioritising honesty, integrity, and fairness establishing a foundation of trust with our stakeholders.

ENJOY THE JOURNEY: Infuse enthusiasm into your work, fostering a positive and vibrant environment that sparks creativity.

Changing the way we use the most abundant biopolymer on earth
Turning cellulose into functional, high performance ingredients

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