Building trusted paths of growth for every agri citizen

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Building trusted paths of growth for every agri citizen

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What we do

For almost a decade, we have been focused on transforming the agri ecosystem.

By harnessing technology and innovation, we create products and services that help small businesses grow, across the value chain.

Company's story

Our Specialty
Delivering farm-fresh produce daily to retailers, veg wholesalers & grocery vendors
Stock up your store from the convenience of your home with Ninjacart – India’s leading online marketplace for kiranas and restaurants
Our story
At Ninjacart, we’ve been disrupting Indian agritech for 7 years.
Supported by investors like Flipkart, Walmart, Tiger Global, Accel, and Nandan Nilakeni, we have become India’s largest agritech startup. We have launched our own Venture Funding arm, Ninja Ventures with a $25-million fund for emerging startups in Agri, Commerce, and Fintech domains.

Building better lives for every agri citizen

Since 2015, we are on a journey of transforming the agri ecosystem

By harnessing technology, we are building commerce, finance, and fulfilment solutions that help build better lives for agri citizens.

We’re feeding innovation and bold ideas into the agri ecosystem to make the soil to sale process more seamless for all its stakeholders

Better lives for every agri citizen

Build the most trusted, efficient, and inclusive agri trade network

Why we’re hungry for change
Modern Marketplace
Agri remains the largest, yet least transformed industry in the modern world. We’re here to maximise its potential with innovative products for processes that still run on tradition.

Financial Freedom
With ample resources, all kinds of agri businesses can flourish in unimaginable ways. We offer credit and funds to make success more inclusive for agri citizens.

Ever-Growing Network
Even today, trust in the agri ecosystem is offered sparingly, often through mutual connections only. We want to unleash a trusted trade network that reaches every nook of the country.

Better Lives
When business solves for itself, everyday moments become more memorable. We want to help holistically improve the business, family, and personal lives of our stakeholders

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