An ocean without plastic. Picture it!

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An ocean without plastic. Picture it!


What we do

Seven Clean Seas exists to build and operate impact projects that clean the oceans and generate fairly paid, formal jobs.

Batam, Indonesia
Batam, an industrial hub in the Riau Archipelago with 1.2 million residents, faces escalating plastic pollution. Local waters, once crystal-clear, now suffer from plastic debris, posing health risks. Seven Clean Seas launched a plastic collection initiative, but challenges persist, as a significant portion of collected waste is non-recyclable, heading to Batam's landfill.

Bintan, Indonesia
​​Bintan Island, the original Seven Clean Seas Impact Project, is home to 150,000 residents and vibrant marine life and faces severe ocean plastic pollution. Currents bring ocean plastic waste to its shores, compounded by inadequate waste management. Dugongs, dolphins, and sea turtles are at risk.

River Bengkong, Indonesia
The Bengkong River, a 2.81 km river situated within our Ocean Impact Project sites, originates in the heart of Batam and courses through densely populated residential and industrial areas, ultimately discharging into the ocean. Unfortunately, the river's current state reveals a disconcerting black colouration and an accumulation of waste, notably plastic.

HIPPO, Thailand
Chao Phraya river ranks 1st in the country and 15th globally as the top plastic-emitting river. The river transports around 4 million kg of riverine plastic annually, including serious concerns about microplastic pollution in its surface and sediment. But here comes the HIPPO, our High Impact Plastic POllution remover that's about to drastically change the status quo.

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Our story
We actively champion the ideal of pristine, plastic-free oceans and the empowerment of coastal communities. Our mission is deeply rooted in hands-on environmental stewardship, nurturing sustainable ecosystems for future generations.

We are driven by core beliefs that shape our mission. Ambitious goals, unwavering integrity, fair employment, and a holistic strategy guide our journey towards a plastic-free world. Here are the pillars that define and motivate us:

Unyielding Ambition
Fuelling our fight against ocean plastic, our ambition is off the scale. We're not just aiming to make a difference; we're on a mission to redefine what's possible, pushing the limits of impact on a global scale.

Integrity in Action
In a world where greenwashing dilutes genuine efforts, we stand firm in our commitment to honesty. Our actions and claims are transparent, measurable, and tailored to make a substantive difference, reflecting the true scale and nature of our business.

Dignity in Employment
Believing in the power of fair work, we ensure that every member of our team, from the waste sector to our offices, enjoys stable employment, equitable wages, and respectful working conditions. Our commitment to fairness extends beyond our mission, into the very foundation of our operations.

Comprehensive Conservation
Our strategy is holistic, leaving no stone unturned. From education and waste reduction to household waste collection and environmental plastic recovery, we give equal weight to all facets of conservation. Our goal is a world free of plastic pollution, achieved through a multi-pronged approach that addresses the root causes and the symptoms alike.

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