An Active Cooling project to Preserve & Restore Arctic sea ice.

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An Active Cooling project to Preserve & Restore Arctic sea ice.


What we do

Preserving Arctic sea ice is a critical component in the fight against climate change.

An approach based on restorative principles. 

Real Ice's AquaFreezing approach is based on scientific research, and is designed to enhance the natural sea ice generation process (the freezing of sea water into sea ice) relying on zero-emission renewable energy and simple water pumping devices. 

Company's story

Our Specialty
Real Ice will use renewable energy generation (wind or solar power) to create green Hydrogen. At scale, this can be used to power Underwater drones to restore and preserve Arctic sea ice in remote regions of the Arctic Ocean. Satellite communication will also be used to facilitate re-icing planning at ocean scale.

The water pumping system for large-scale operations will be delivered by an underwater drone with a hydrogen fuel cell energy system. Depending on the function (ice-making or snow-making) and on the ice conditions (e.g., how well water spreads in the area), they will remain in position from a few hours to a few days.

At the beginning of winter, we will flood the sea ice with sea water to create an extra layer of sea ice and remove the insulating snow layer.

At the end of winter, we will re-create the snow layer to protect the sea ice from solar radiations, helping it last longer through the summer months.
Our story
We are united by our desire for
direct action against the climate crisis.
In 2019, we came together to discuss the advancement of an Arctic sea ice restoration initiative spinning out of The Siku Project. We coined the initiative “Real Ice.”
Through the efforts of 27 inaugural volunteers, the initial technological concept behind Real Ice came to life and quickly caught global attention as a feature in the trailer for Hyundai x UNDP’s ‘For Tomorrow’ initiative, focused on sustainable solutions tackling environmental and societal issues.
In 2021, Real Ice formalised as a UK company and operationalise the science at scale to prove out practical solutions for the restoration of Arctic Sea Ice.
Today, with invaluable support from Arctic Research and Sea Ice thought leaders and an incredible team of engineers, operators, and climate scientists, testing of the AquaFreeze approach in Arctic conditions is set to begin.

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Real Ice
The United Kingdom
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