A sustainable future relies upon sustainable future minerals.

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A sustainable future relies upon sustainable future minerals.


What we do

Geo40 has developed innovative world-leading technology for the recovery of strategic minerals from geothermal brines. A sustainable future relies upon sustainable sources of future minerals; recovering silica from geothermal fluid opens up new opportunities in the geothermal ecosystem.

We have built a pioneering team to tackle the climate-critical challenges that we face in the road ahead.

Our world-first, commercial Northern Plant processes 6,700 tonnes of geothermal fluid per day and will recover up to 5,000 tonnes per annum of colloidal silica from New Zealand geothermal brine.

The carbon footprint of our sustainably sourced colloidal silica is typically under 200kg of carbon dioxide equivalent per metric ton of 30wt% product, across Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon dioxide emissions.

While we can readily displace existing colloidal silicas, we are particularly motivated by markets where our silica can displace environmentally unsustainable alternatives, such as polymers, which invariably end up in waterways.

Company's story

Our Specialty
Geo40 develops unique, innovative mineral-recovery processes for deployment at scale while adding value in the geothermal ecosystem, the wider environment and climate.

Geo40’s natural silica nanoparticles sourced from geothermal fluids are successfully replacing synthetic and oil based products such as polymers, which invariably end up in waterways.

We believe that the sustainable transition to electric transport will require sources of low-carbon lithium. We are working hard to succeed in this area.

We see potential to recover other strategic minerals present in geothermal fluids, including boron and caesium.
Our story
Geo40 is an innovative technology development and operating company based in New Zealand and targeting the sustainable, low-carbon recovery of valuable minerals from geothermal fluids.

We're a team of diverse experts committed to solving global sustainability challenges within strong environmental, social and governance principles.

We believe that the imperative for decarbonisation is acute. We know we can leverage our technology to play a meaningful role here.

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