Everyone has a carbon footprint. Measure, reduce and offset yours with our app

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Everyone has a carbon footprint. Measure, reduce and offset yours with our app

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Our Products For Banks


Personal Carbon Manager

See how our Personal Carbon Manager product combines market-specific carbon data and behavioural science techniques to deliver personalised nudges proven to engage customers and reduce carbon emissions.


Business Carbon Manager

See how our Business Carbon Manager product can help your Small Business customers fully understand the impact they have on the climate and help them gain credit among their staff, customers, and stakeholders for taking actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Products for Small Businesses


Cogo Business Carbon Manager

We’ve simplified climate action for businesses!

Featuring seamless integration with Xero, take positive action that’s good for the planet and good for your bottom line.

Our Products for Individuals


Cogo Personal Carbon Manager

Cogo makes it easy for you to securely connect your bank account to track your footprint in real time, every time you spend. See where you’re already saving carbon and learn what you can do next to reduce your footprint even more.

Take control of your carbon footprint!

Company's story

Our story
Feb. 2010
Ben Gleisner co-founded Conscious Consumers, a charitable organisation on a mission to combat climate change by changing consumer spending.

Apr. 2016
Conscious Consumers became Cogo.

Feb. 2019
Cogo achieved B-Corp certification and joined the global community of businesses working hard to transform the economy for people and the planet.

We rebranded and launched the app in the UK and grew our team from 12 to 20! We integrated the carbon footprint tracker in the app. Cogo was recognised as the first open banking powered climate fintech in the world!

We launched our pilot activity with Santander and in April won the Santander X Environmental Challenge.

Apr. 2021
We pivoted from a consumer app focus to focusing on integrating Cogo’s Personal Carbon Manager into mobile banking apps to reach millions of customers and achieve impact at scale.
Cogo changes focus to a personal carbon manager app.

Oct. 2021
During COP26, we launched our partnership with NatWest. This made the headlines as it was the world’s first carbon tracker fully integrated into a banking app.

Dec. 2021
We won the Best Open Banking Sustainable Finance Initiative in partnership with NatWest at the FDATA Open Finance Awards.

Apr. 2022
Cogo was invited to accompany New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on the trade mission to Singapore and Japan.

The New Zealand team moved into a beautiful new waterfront office.

Jun. 2022
We attended the second New Zealand trade mission, this time to Australia.

Jul. 2022
We officially reach 100 Cogoers across the world, united by our mission of creating a fairer and more sustainable world.

We've delivered Cogo’s Carbon Management to millions of customers worldwide, thanks to partnerships with innovative banks such as NatWest, Commonwealth Bank and ING.

And we're only getting started!

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Tokyo, Japan